The Myth of Luadun’Dal: The Lost Knight (TR: Luadun’Dal Efsanesi: Kayıp Şövalye)

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Luadun’Dal Efsanesi: Kayıp Şövalye
Front Cover of Luadun’Dal Efsanesi: Kayıp Şövalye

The Myth of Luadun’Dal: The Lost Knight (In Turkish, Luadun’Dal Efsanesi: Kayıp Şövalye) is a story about a world called Valerivenill; this world is created in ancient times according to the lore. One of the three continents in the world is the land of Luadun’Dal. Which is the first book is placed in this land.

The struggle between three children of the first king of the land takes them to a bad journey. The most important influence of this journey is a story told to them by their fathers, Tempius.

The story their father told them is really a dead-end, actually. One of Valerivenill’s notable figures are discovering that the creator god Ephion who divided the universe before the beginning of time, crafted armour and a sword for a knight. After a while, this knight will be known as the Lost Knight.

In their times, after the death of King Tempius, Livia and Claudius find out that if they can find sarcophagus of the Lost Knight, they can obtain his armour and sword. Then they can have the power to lead the ancient islands in the east and west, including Luadun’Dal at the centre.

In order to find the Lost Knight, their father, Tempius, commissioned two Medietasian before his death. These are parents of the main hero of the book. However, as a result of this task, they had a gruesome end. Nevertheless, according to the mythology of the land, this task is connected to the given family forever. If someone from the family dies, this task passes to the last child of the family, which is their child, Guiscard.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t aware of these at first. The event that thought these stories to the Guiscard is the first battle he joined. In the book, he serves as a swordsman in Livia’s royal army, but Livia is not aware of his potential power to find the Lost Knight.

He learned his potential role of this task from the son of the King Tempius, Claudius. He is the ruler of the northern realm called Nordiborg. Days after the Battle of Grymm River, Claudius’ scouts noticed that Guiscard spoked with a creature in a different form. This is the first time Guiscard learned his potential, too.

Throughout the book, the events that Guiscard and two of his friends have experienced are finally connected to the Lost Knight. However, from time to time, the other characters are keeping busy the event unintentionally, while others are willingly contributing.

Guiscard loses many of his comrades on this journey and is also a cause of unfortunate events.

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